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Welcome.Events.Our Music.Coffee Table.Prayer Wall.Pictures.Sermons.Support Us.rich 'n Friends.

My name is Richard Ware and I was raised on a small family farm in North-central Missouri.  As a youth I attended a small Baptist church on a semi-regular basis.  Upon graduation from Bucklin R-II High School, Bucklin, Missouri in 1972 I enlisted in the US Army and headed for Basic Training in October of that same year.  I served a 3 year tour of duty:  Two years in Germany and I finished my enlistment at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Since those youthful years I have also served in the Air National Guard, Great Falls, Montana, and the Army National Guard in Macon, Missouri.


About Us

    In February of 1973 I married a young lady from Marceline, Mo and from that marriage four children were born:   Shane, Brandie, Robert, and Kevin.  All are grown now with their own families, and actually in spite of their dad, all have grown into really cool people.  After leaving home in 1972 I turned away from God and walked the more travelled roads for about 27 years.  Actually I ran down the hammer lanes of life as fast as I could run.   I thought, as many men do, that I was the “big dog in the puppy pen” and I preceded full steam ahead just having a lot of fun.  In reality, I had so much fun; it led to bankruptcy in the mid 1980’s and divorce at the end of that same decade.  As a note, that’s where the fast lane of life takes most men!!  


    In 1999 I re-dedicated my life to Jesus and shifted lanes.   Now I walk in the “right” or “slow” lane ….the path less travelled that leads to the narrow gate where my Lord and Savior will be waiting at my journey’s end.   And though I am flawed, I am forgiven.   And though I still mess up and fall down from time to time...my heavenly Father picks me up, dusts me off, and with a gentle swat on the backside He tells me to get back out there and do a little better.

     Currently I occupy my workweek as an Over-The-Road truck driver.  That is my occupation; my calling is that of an Evangelist, sharing the Gospel with people in the trucking industry.  I have been blessed with the ability to write songs….which is amazing because I neither play a musical instrument nor read music.  The truth be known, I am just the “pen” that God uses to write down the lyrics, and as I drive down these highways and byways crisscrossing America, God gives me a melody to the words.   I then record my vocal to the words and send my rough vocal recording off to Nashville where a professional musician puts everything into the final song.


     Also, my ministry takes me to various churches where I share the Good News through my songs and preaching.     In 2007 I began “Jesus Cross My Heart Ministries” which is based on that old phrase that many of us said as a child when we swore to keep a promise…. ”Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a thousand needles in my eye!”  With that phrase in mind, I thought how we as Believers have been given the greatest promise of all.  And that promise from God is eternal, cross my heart….and it is a Promise that we are all called, not to keep to ourselves, but to share with the world.  To preach the Good News of Jesus Christ … The Great Commission!


    So out of that thought God gave me these words:  “Cross my heart and hope to live, and give me words to give to those who stumble lost through the night.  And give me, Lord, a mustard seed of faith for those in need….Oh, Lord cross my heart, cross my heart and hope to live!”  From these words a poem was birthed, and then went on to be the chorus of the song that God wrote through me:  Of course the title of that song is:  “Cross My Heart”.  Cross My Heart is my signature song for Jesus Cross My Heart Ministries.


God Bless,


Richard P. Ware